Affiliation Process 

Intent of Affiliation

Affiliation of a player within the SPS Fuzion program is to be used primarily in the event that a team needs players to fill a short roster.  All use of affiliates is subject to league and Hockey Alberta rules.

Affiliation to AAA or Elite (Kings), may be used for player development purposes.  Any affiliation to AAA or Elite teams requires a completed Hockey Alberta “Named Player Affiliation Agreement”. A copy of the affiliation agreement must be forwarded to your Division Director.

***All teams participating in Edmonton Federation Hockey League must follow Hockey Edmonton Affiliation rules (see Section 6.0 in the Hockey Edmonton Operating Directives ***


The level director, VP Operations, and President will work together and assign players for affiliation.

Any affiliation requests prior to November 1st may only be considered on an emergency basis and is subject to approval by the President.

All teams are encouraged to invite their affiliated players to team practices, so that an affiliated player can get to know the players and coaches on the team to which she is affiliated.  It is more comfortable for an affiliated player to come into a dressing room and participate in a game when they have met and practiced with the team.

Affiliation guidelines

The head coach of the team from which the player is called up must be consulted at all times. The coach may deny the player movement if his team has a game that conflicts with the higher team’s game - on a priority basis. Priority will be considered in the following order:

Provincial games
League playoff games
League games
Tournament games
Exhibition games

In other words, the team participating in a league playoff game will have priority over a team participating in a practice, an exhibition game, a tournament game or a league game.

If a team would like to use an affiliated player, the head coach or team manager is required to call the affiliated player’s head coach to ensure that there is no conflict. Once it is confirmed that there is no conflict, the head coach or team manager of the requesting team calls the parent/guardian and invites the player to attend. If the requesting team and the affiliated player’s team both have an ice team at the same time, the team with the game will be deemed to have priority.  If both teams have a game, then the two coaches need to discuss and decide if there are other options, such as:

  • Are there other affiliated players from other teams that the affiliating team can use?
  • Can the lower team call up one of its affiliates?
  • Are both games of equal importance? i.e.: League game vs. Exhibition game?

Other factors should also be considered such as:

  • Are there considerations that make one team more in need than the other, such as one team being extremely short of players?
  • Was enough notice given to the lower team to permit them to be able to find their own affiliate(s), if required?

It is recommended that both head coaches work together on these issues and consider what is best for the player and the teams. If the two head coaches cannot reach an agreement then the Division Director(s) will determine which game the player should play.

The team manager must track affiliated player use and should provide monthly updates to the level director.  According to HA guidelines an affiliated play is not allowed to play more than 10 games during the entire season with their affiliated team.  Affiliated players must have AP in brackets beside their name on game sheets.