Referee Information

League Games

Booking of referees for regularly scheduled games (including playoffs) is handled by the Division Director.

If you have swapped or rescheduled a game you must also inform the referee assignor (cc: your Division Director) ASAP:  Referee Contact Info

No Show Referees -A good rule of thumb is to check the referee room 20 minutes prior to game start at all home games. If no referees are present, then you should phone your Division Director to alert them so that substitutes can be arranged by the assignor if possible. At the lower levels the coaches may ref the game if both coaches agree

Payment of Referees -  Teams playing in co-ed leagues pay half the cost of the referees at each game in cash.  Those playing in the female league are to pay 100% of home games only. It is recommended to have pre-made envelopes for each game. Coaches must hand the envelope to the referees on the ice prior to the start of the game.  You should be issued a receipt.



Regular Season- teams will be pre-paid by SPS Fuzion for all regular season games. Your Division Director will inform you when these cheques are available.

Playoffs - please keep all referee receipts during playoffs.  SPS Fuzion will reimburse all Coaches at the end of the playoffs.

Referee Payment Log- To ensure we can keep track of payment we will be requiring all teams to fill out the Referee Payment Log for each League and playoff game.

 Hockey Edmonton & Hockey Alberta Referee Rates Rates


Exhibition Games

It is the team’s responsibility to book and pay for the referees. To book referees please see the Referee Contact Info These contacts are only for games played within Strathcona County.

Referee assignors in Sherwood Park requires at least 72 hours’ notice for all exhibition games. If less than 48 hours’ notice a late fee may be added to game fees. Exhibition games not played at Strathcona County Facility (excluding: Moyer/Josephburg) are subject to travel costs.

You will need to contact the ref assignor for the Local hockey association if you are hosting game outside of Strathcona County.  For any Exhibition games, out of town you can expect referees to get paid according to: Hockey Alberta Referee Rates

*Don’t forget your Travel Permits*


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