Skill Development Sessions

This year SPS Fuzion is offering a variety of skills sessions for registered players. As sessions are scheduled, sign up links will be posted below.

We will be working with the following partners to offer development sessions for the 2022-2023 season:

Pro Stride Hockey

Why train with Pro Stride Hockey? 

At a regular team practice coaches don’t have time to break down skills and mechanics so players often don’t get the proper fundamentals unless they go elsewhere for training. At Pro Stride Hockey we will ensure that your players are taught the fundamentals and proper mechanics of skating, shooting, stickhandling and passing allowing them to take the skills learned into game play to become the best player they can. Our coaches are experienced with all skill levels of players from U7 to U18AAA , we will be able to identify where players need the most improvement and deliver high end instruction to ensure the players get better with each session.

Pro Stride hockey has affiliated with Tim Turk Hockey to teach players how to properly shoot the puck. Tim is a NHL shooting and scoring coach who has worked with many NHL teams and players including the Montreal Canadians and Tampa Bay Lightning. Tim has helped many NHL, AHL, CHL and European professional players and teams improve their shooting and scoring. We are proud to say we are the only facility in Western Canada Tim has approved to use his program and his terminology.  Tim has personally trained with most of our staff to ensure we are teaching his program the way he intended it to be taught. We will teach players the proper mechanics of shooting along with how to use the technology of the hockey stick to better improve their release, shot power, and accuracy. This is all done on skates and can be done while skating and moving to simulate game situations.  You will see an improvement in the players shot after just 1 visit.

Gold In The Net Hockey - CLICK HERE to sign up.

For 35+ years Gold in the Net Hockey Schools has guided 12 students into the NHL and has assisted in the training of 10 National Team Goaltenders, achieving 6 Olympic Medals and 12 World Championship Medals. In addition, GITN students have had success with 8 Professional League Championships from the AHL, KHL, both Finnish & Swedish Elite Leagues. GITN has worked with goalies all over the globe, we have built our programs on our strength and abilities to see and understand the evolution of the game not only here in Canada, but on the World stage, focusing on a goalie’s style and system based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.


Kurtis Mucha Goalie Consulting - CLICK HERE to sign up.

Blair is a graduate of the University of Alberta, having earned both his Education and Physical Education degrees. Born and raised in Lloydminster, he became a goalie by default. The youngest of three boys, Blair strapped on the couch cushions for many a game of basement hockey with his older brothers. All of this practice prepared him for his goaltending position later in life; with stops in the AJHL, SJHL and WHL. Blair has been a Teacher and Instructor at Vimy Ridge Academy since 2013 and has spent his time working with the goaltending program in Vimy Hockey and teaching Physical Education to Junior and Senior high students. Here is a list of teams and clubs Blair has worked with through his 16 years of goalie coaching and consulting as well as being involved with Kurtis Mucha Goaltending Consulting since 2016. 

- Grant MacEwan Griffins Female Hockey Team (USport, Canada West)

- Sherwood Park Kings Athletic Club (U13 - U18)

- Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Goalie Development Camps

- SWZ Goalie Development Camps

- Beaumont Hockey Association Goalie Development Camps

- Fort Saskatchewan Hockey Association (U13-U18)

- SPS Fuzion Hockey Association


If you have any questions, please contact our VP Operations (